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I teach music theory at York College CUNY (The City University of New York), one of the eleven senior colleges (colleges that grant 4-year Bachelor degrees) in the system. The campus is essentially one giant building that houses most of the college’s departments, from the physical plant to a greenhouse to labs to an art gallery to admissions (and so on).

I’ve found our building to be immensely interesting. Yes, it’s dated. And yes, while I like buildings I don’t claim to be an expert. Even still: it’s a relic of the 80s (full of geometric patterns intersecting with rounded corners), but there are clear thoughtful design elements that try to tie the spaces together.

For one, internal spaces are made external by the use of curved walls. As you walk along a hallway, you can easily tell where a conference room might be by the curved walls that suddenly protrude into the hall. This is (I think) brutalist: you can tell the function from the form. Curved walls are echoed everywhere on campus: even to the abandoned guard booth at a defunct entrance to the parking lot.

I am slowly figuring out what kind of piece I can write for this building.

Above are some pictures that I took of my school!