Transfiguration Sunday

(2012, 7′)

Anthem for Mixed Chorus, Handbell Choir, Organ and String Quartet
Commissioned by Christ Church United Methodist (New York, NY)


Mixed Chorus (SATB), Handbell Choir, Organ, String Quartet


Transfiguration Sunday was written for the occasion, and was commissioned by Christ Church United Methodist in New York City. Christ’s transfiguration on a mountain to Peter, James and John is celebrated on the final Sunday of the Epiphany season, and marks the transition between Epiphany and Lent. The text is taken from the transfiguration accounts in the synoptic gospels (King James Version).

The work was written specifically for the Christ Church Choir and Handbell Choir, as well as the church’s 1960 Casavant Frères organ, accompanied by a string quartet.


June 3, 2012, Christ Church United Methodist (New York, NY). Dr. Steven Pilkington, conductor, Ryan Jackson, organ, Cory Davis, conductor (handbells ensemble), Robert Maril, baritone.